If you fit into one of the following categories, we can provide a free drainage inspection -

  • Do your drains block?
  • Do you experience flooding or puddles of water around your home?
  • Have you ever had a drainage inspection completed at your property?
  • Have you had earthquake repairs completed on your property, but forgotten to check the drains?
  • Do you have neighbours, friends, or family members who have had drain repairs made at their homes but you haven't?
  • Have you ever noticed a smell coming from your drains or outside your home?
  • Have your drains been repaired only partially since the earthquakes?
  • Did you get a new driveway installed and didn't have the drains checked first?
  • Despite not having problems, have you thought they may have been damaged?
  • Have you simply assumed they must be okay?
  • Are you looking to sell your home?
  • Are you looking to purchase an existing home in Christchurch?

If you would like a FREE* drainage inspection CLICK HERE to fill out the online
Drainage Inspection Questionnaire
Or download a copy HERE and email back to us info@edcl.co.nz