Frequently Asked Questions

General Residential FAQs

Q. How long will the drainage assessment take?

A. Depending on your property size and accessibility (number of downpipes, gully traps, sewer connections) about half a day (3-4 hours) to complete a drainage assessment.

Q. I don’t know where the drains are located; is that a problem?

A. Not a problem for Inspector Drains. We can access the pipe network and complete our CCTV inspection. By using our high-tech equipment we can map the underground drainage and give you a site plan with the location of the pipes so future repairs are easier to make. 

Q. Will you have to dig up my garden and driveway?

A. If we can access the sewer and stormwater system it isn’t necessary to excavate. By using high-tech CCTV cameras we can inspect drains without having to turn your property into a war zone. If we need to dig holes to gain access to pipes, we will always reinstate gardens, paths and driveways. 

Q. Do I need to be home during the drainage assessment?

A. No, you don’t need to be home as long as we can access all the downpipes and gully traps around the outside of the property. Please advise us if you have any dogs roaming free or locked gates.

Q. Do I need to do anything before the assessment?

A. There are three pieces of advice we give to our homeowners.

  • We recommend you close your toilet lid/s and place something heavy on top in case of any blow-backs. Although this is very rare it can happen if there is a blockage in the pipe.
  • We need to access all the down pipes and gully traps at your property. Please remove any obstructions around these areas.
  • Please advise us if you have insurance claims on any paths or driveways on your property and if these have been repaired/replaced already.

EQC Assessment FAQs

Q. If we have already had our drains assessed, why do we need them assessed again?

A. If we have received a drainage referral from the EQC, they will have reasons to request your drains be assessed again. You can phone them on 0800 Damage if you have any concerns.

Q. How do you determine if there is Earthquake damage to drainage?

A. Our qualified drainlayers use the latest CCTV technology to take a detailed video recording from inside the pipes. On close inspection our trained staff can identify any earthquake damage.

Q. Do I need to pay for the drainage assessment?

A. If we received your referral from EQC (and you put in a claim before 1st January 2017) then EQC will pay for the assessment. If you are lodging a new claim (from 1st January 2017) EQC require you to pay for the assessment. If earthquake damage is confirmed, EQC will reimburse you. We can assist with different payment options to make this easier for you.

Q. What happens after the drainage assessment?

A. We submit a full report to EQC using their template. EQC will process the report and advise you of any settlement. Once you receive your settlement, please contact us to come back and repair the damage for you.

Q. Can you repair/replace our drains?

A. Yes! The settlement you receive from the EQC directly reflects our findings and the costings for repairs. As we completed the assessment we are familiar with your property. As an EQC drainage panel member you can be confident if further damage is discovered during the repair process, we can go back directly to the EQC to make any extra claims necessary.