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Don’t wait until your drains block. If you notice bad odours, gurgling toilets, sinks slowly draining or water pooling around your house your drains could be damaged. Call or email us today to arrange a free inspection.

No messy excavations - damaged drains can’t hide from the Inspector

Inspector Drains use the latest CCTV camera technology placed in a stormwater or sewer pipe so we can see what’s really going on inside the drain without having to dig it up! The inspection identifies problems and provides solutions on the spot.

We’re grounded in drainage - over 3000 inspections and the Inspector’s only got started

Inspector Drains has been unearthing drainage problems since the Canterbury quakes and we’re not done yet. Of every 5 homes we visit 2 have earthquake-related damage. If we find earthquake damage we do fully compliant drainage and property repair assessments and help you submit a claim to the EQC and your insurer.

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